dreamstime_6880259Your children are the most important members of your family, and when going through a Divorce, it is extremely important that they are protected. As a family man and father of four, JB Dath has always been dedicated to upholding stability in a child’s life. We want to help you and your children make the transition as smoothly as possible from one household to two.

A parenting plan should be in place for all cases involving minor children. The parenting plan must state in detail how each of the parents will share the responsibilities of raising the child. A general parenting plan will outline what each parent will do regarding the following :


  • Daily tasks
  • Holidays
  • Healthcare
  • School
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Communication with the child

The best interests of the child are our main priority, and we can help you with your parenting plan to ensure your child is properly cared for in your eyes, as well as the eyes of the law. There are many more facets of a child’s life that the court will look at to determine custody if your case ends up going to trial. If it is possible to work out an agreement in settlement, we will do everything we can to minimize your legal costs by attempting to cooperate with the other side. Or litigate if necessary to see that your child’s best interest is upheld.

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