“The JB Dath flat fee Divorce has saved me so much money and stress – no more never ending Attorney fee’s for me.” 

If you and your spouse are going to get a Divorce and you want to go through the process with the least amount of contention, time and cost, it is in your best interests to consider a flat fee divorce. Very few attorneys in California can make these arrangements, but we do and we make it a smooth process for the right type of case.

We also work with individuals who have started the divorce process on their own and have run into trouble.  Often, when two people try to navigate a divorce on their own, they end up with entanglements that wouldn’t have occurred if they had originally hired an attorney.  At JB Dath Law we offer flat fee Divorces which can help you sort out any confusion that you may have run into while attempting to file for divorce by yourself.  If you have representation but wish to change council to wrap up your case in a more cost effective manner, often these case types will often fit into the scope of our Flat Fee cases. 

In the long run, it is often cheaper and almost always quicker to hire a Divorce Lawyer to help you through the process.  We have the experience and familiarity with the system to help ensure expediency in your divorce.

If you are interested in speaking with JB Dath about the possibility of a Flat Fee Divorce, call today for a free consultation and case analysis.