If you have primary custody of your child after you and your spouse have been divorced, there are important laws put in place to protect both parents and children that you must follow. If either parent is looking to move it is very important to get permission to do so.

If either parent is considering moving the primary residence of the child, it is very important to consult with us regarding this relocation to ensure that the proper channels are followed. If you decide to move without obtaining the proper agreement, you could be held incontempt of court or risk losing your custody status, depending upon your circumstances. When looking to obtain a court order to allow you and your child to move residences, or fighting a moveaway from a former spouse, you do run the risk of a heated litigation. At that point, the court will take specific steps in order to determine if the primary custodial parent should be allowed to relocate with the child. 

JB Dath Law firm is devoted to upholding the rights of children and parents in all types of family law cases. Relocation is no different, and we will stand by you throughout the process.

If you would like to discuss a Move away child custody case, please contact JB Dath Law today for a free consultation on how we can assist you.