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Spousal and Family Support

JB Dath will explain your Support Options

Spousal support or Family Support is often granted to provide the spouse who earns the lower income means of support from the spouse who earned the higher income during the Marriage. Depending on the couple’s circumstances, the court may order a lump sum (settlement) or monthly support that is permanent or temporary, depending on the length of marriage and terms of the settlement agreement.

Here at JB Dath Law we focus exclusively on family law matters and we are dedicated to reaching favorable outcomes for our clients, even in the most challenging or complex cases. JB Dath has many years of experience in high stakes negotiations both in Business & Law. His methods of divorce negotiations often reach favorable settlements for his clients, alleviating the stress and conflict which often surrounds this aspect of the Divorce Process. We also have substantial litigation experience to fight for a just support order at trial if it goes that route.

California Support Laws

When deciding whether to grant financial support and how much, a California court considers several factors, including:

  • Whether each partner or spouse can sustain the same standard of living established during the relationship
  • Each party’s working history, employment skills and the current job market
  • The feasibility of getting the necessary education and training to obtain appropriate employment in today’s current job market.
  • The extent that you or your spouse or partner sacrificed income and career advancement to contribute domestic duties to the relationship
  • The length of your marriage
  • Whether there is a history of domestic violence and abuse.

During settlement negotiations between the two parties, JB Dath considers the same factors to determine what the court is likely to rule, this gives us an accurate starting point from which to propose an equitable agreement. In challenging cases, we utilize consultants as necessary, such as career counselors and accountants to review the Tax repercussions of your Spousal Support situation.

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Client Testimonials

"I would recommend JB Dath Law to anyone expecting results. Jonathan took on my case in the middle of a custody hearing, and completely turned around the outcome of my case. With the fate of the custody of my son on the line, he worked around the clock to bring himself up to speed on my trial, and came into the courtroom ready to go. Not only did he stop things from spiraling out of control, but he ended up securing me full physical and legal custody of my child. He continues to provide top notch services, and his knowledge of the courts and the systems is second to none in Yolo County. The only complaint I have is that I didn't retain his services from day one!"


"If you are looking for strong, analytical support in handling complicated matters pertaining to divorce, I highly recommend you add Jonathan Dath to your team. Jonathan's expertise in Family Law combined with his excellent UC Davis MBA business education enable him to see and clearly communicate strategies to maximize the protection of one's hard earned assets. Having Jonathan's knowledge,skills and experience on your side is a smart investment."


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